Back to normal 27/12/18

When I say back to normal I mean shops are open which is strange for me because i remember mum & dad getting food in to the 5 January because nothing would be open till then but my daughter on the other hand always had shops open from second or third day on. I guess we all see things differently.

First of all i have just done my 10 minute exercise and i am a bit out of practise especially after everything i ate and drank on Christmas day/boxing day it’s like starting again which is true in a sense. I like exercising but i hate gyms mainly because i don’t have time to go but this exercise app gives me 10 minutes over 4 days which I really love to do. If you don’t exercise that is fine too, I am just saying my personal preference mainly because I love my food.

Now i am tidying again endless job and doing the laundry does it never end haha if your a mother you already know the answer

Got to go for now so much to do today but where ever you are have fun x

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