As you can see by the title I overslept today by about 3 hours which is unusual but never mind it happens everyday to someone lol

So I started my day at 10:30 am and i went down to feed casper (my cat) but the look i got off him was very judging cheeky cat 😉 haha but what have I done today, I have cleaned the kitchen and swept the living room and I know what you are thinking why not use a hoover or vacuum which I do when I am working but not when i am off because i generally like cleaning that way occasionally I feel the house is cleaner in someway again just my opinion.

I will be making cottage pie for dinner tonight and i will put photos on when it is made.

I will say yesterday i watched a marathon of iron man 1,2,3 which I love. I am big fan of marvel movies but anyway jobs to be done and I will add something later. Enjoy your day and if you are working find joy in that too x

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