New years eve

Today , I am so excited about the new year and a new beginning which i try to achieve each year but i will be honest i don’t really make new years resolutions because i don’t stick to them but i do have a passion planner where i set out realistic goal for the year and see if they are achievable and you reflection every month and daily add or take away things to a different day but it gives me a driving force for the year which may change during the year.

If you are more go with the flow that is great but i know myself well enough to know that would never work for me. now i am putting things away and tidying away because i don’t do it on new years day because people say whatever you do you do all year round but sometimes you have to be realistic about like you will clean the kitchen all year round or don’t put rubbish out.

right the whole house is clean that took 4 hours which isn’t bad for me and now taking a little rest to pamper and get ready to go and celebrate new year if you already have Happy New Year make it the best yet xx

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