Time flies 10/04/19

On Mother’s day we are going to the cinema to see captain marvel
breakfast today

So I started this blog around Christmas time but as you can see life just gets busy and now we are in April 2019 already. How time flies and I remember my parents and grandparents saying this in my teens and now I am 41 years old and I really do understand what they meant now lol.

Is this just me but does anyone feel like wow my daughter in university and doesn’t need me as much but that’s really good because I wanted my child to be strong and independent which she is, but now I am like wow I have got more time for me and I was like really what do I like to do because I new who I was when I was teenager, mother, daughter but these are how other people see me but nothing about what I like and enjoy doing so I have been doing a bit of soul searching recently which will explain the disconnect recently.

I will write some things I have discovered over the past few months about myself and the friendships I have and why they are important to me but if you have any advice or support I would love to hear from you.

I hope you have AMAZING day !

Smile, Laugh, Love, Joy

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